Mike Marko Publishes Post Answering “Is Twitter Good for Business?”

Jul 17, 2019

July 18, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Mike Marko with IM Consultant Services in Cincinnati, Ohio has just announced the publication of a new post answering “Is Twitter Good for Business?” He begins by stating that social media makes it easy for online marketers to reach potential customers and promote their brands. That’s why platforms like Twitter can be useful tools for online businesses hoping to spread awareness of their brand to a wider audience. Twitter in particular also offers users opportunities for real-time interaction with customers. In spite of that, Marko believes it is still an underrated marketing platform. According to him, too many business owners still tend to disregard it as a powerful option for their business marketing.

Marko tells his readers that he wrote this latest article for them to be able to answer the question of “How can Twitter help my business”. He commences by saying that Twitter is different from other social media networks. For example, the low character limit on tweets is a challenge to those users who are not capable of messaging in fewer words. Furthermore, it has features that may be intimidating to those who may be more accustomed to Instagram and Facebook.

Even so, Marko encourages readers by stating the fact that Twitter for a business can be useful if business owners just take time to understand this unique platform. For one, Twitter works as a connection tool that enables businesses to connect with existing and prospective customers. This is done through sending direct messages and exchanging tweets. As all of this can be done on the phone too, a marketing account on Twitter can be accessed anytime and anywhere. This also enables business owners to immediately reply to followers or send important updates when needed.

Marko goes on to say that Twitter may also be a useful tool to help marketers discover what is happening with their competitors. By visiting competitors’ pages, business owners receive updates on products or services that they are offering or launching. In addition, complaints and feedback for competitors can also be seen. These insights can be used to make improvements on products or services. Business owners may even try to offer solutions to the problems their competitors’ customers are encountering.

Further proof that Twitter is good for business is that it offers free public endorsements. Short clips and images can be freely added to tweets for marketing campaigns to get users’ attention. Additionally, Marko asserts that Twitter saves time, effort, and money. Those who use Twitter for their businesses can communicate with their customers for free using Twitter’s many features. That’s unless they choose to use Twitter’s paid advertising services.

Marko also notes that Twitter keeps business owners updated with the latest trends. It also allows business owners to keep their own customers updated. He tells readers that they have the power to announce anything about their businesses immediately on the platform. However, he also cautions that announcements can easily get lost in followers’ feeds because this platform deals with real-time information. Thus, it is important to release updates when most of the target consumers are actually online. Alternatively, Marko says business owners can tweet messages more than once.

He also notes that having a huge number of followers on Twitter can greatly increase sales. New products, deals, and promotions can be announced to followers immediately, which they can also share with their own followers. Marko says that links that lead to websites can also be tweeted to followers to help them sign up for business promos or purchase products. In addition, Marko notes that customers’ questions can be responded to easily on Twitter too. This can also be translated into more sales over time.

Finally, Marko claims that tweeting can be used to showcase a brand’s identity to the audience. He urges business owners to establish a unique identity and style for posts on Twitter. This will promote a sense of relationship with the brand for followers. Furthermore, he advises his readers to use appealing images in their tweets to capture the interest of followers. Videos can also be included to showcase behind-the-scenes occurrences, as these often grab attention.

Marko owns and runs IM Consultant Services in Cincinnati, Ohio. This company offers consulting services to small and medium-sized enterprises in need of marketing help. They work with business owners to help them with strategies that can lead them to business growth and success. The firm offers digital transformation and strategy, digital marketing, advanced analytics, marketing for social media, and branding assistance, among many other services. Marko says that he is also available for one-on-one consultations for customized assistance.

Marko’s newest post can now be accessed and read on his official website. He says that his post was written to provide information to business marketers and website owners about the importance of Twitter for marketing their businesses. Marko informs readers that he regularly publishes informative posts that are designed to provide this type of marketing information. He also mentions that those who are interested to learn more about the company and the services that they offer can read his blog or visit him at IM Consultant Services online. They can also contact Marko and his team directly by phone or email.


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